Colonial Revival Home

Colonial Style Home
Colonial Revival Home

What is a Colonial Revival Home?

Taking root in the early 1920’s in the United States the Colonial Revival Style Home remains one of the most popular home styles in Wisconsin.  The style is classic offering symmetrical design.  Unlike the cozy cottage style homes we see scattered around Middleton Colonial Revivals draws it decorative elements from Greek and Roman Classical architecture.  They offer a solid look and feel, conservative some might say.  The entry is frequently very obvious a large door, transom, sidelights, hood, or even a portico can be found upon first glance.  The Colonial Revival Home offers a timeless design, which helps homes hold their value.

  • A symmetrical façade, but may have side porches or sunrooms on either or both sides.
  • Rectangular build
  • One, two and sometimes three stories
  • Typically a medium pitch, side-gable roof with narrow eaves.
  • Dormers and hipped roofs and are sometimes seen.
  • Multi-pane (6×6 typically) double-hung windows with correctly proportioned shutters.
  • The entrance is centered and accentuated with columns, pilasters, pediment, and maybe hooded to create a covered porch.
  • Brick or wood clapboard is the most common siding; nevertheless shingles are occasionally seen particularly on more informal New England style Capes.
  • Other design features may include classical columns, two-story pilasters, or Palladian windows.