Cottage Style Homes

cottage style homes middleton wi

What is a Cottage Style Home?

Cottage-style homes embrace a very cozy style. In spite of their cozy charm, the Cottage Style home plans can deliver both space and the comfortable design you and your family are looking for. In many cases the homes living space feels larger than their square footage.

The cottage floor plan’s footprint can give it a profusion of visual wonder, both in the interior layout and through their unexpected views of the surrounding landscape, making these homes uniquely suited for Conservancy View’s picturesque lots. Typically stone, brick, and wood are used in both exterior construction and interior detail create organic quality. Most cottage house plans offer a lived-in comfort that may be lacking in larger, less personalized homes.

Cottage Style Architectural features:

  • Steep overhanging roofs, often with a mixture of hipped and gabled forms
  • Small footprint and irregular layout
  • Brick, stone, and natural materials often used for varying textures