Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman Style Home

What is a Craftsman Style Home?

Craftsman house plans are grounded on the thinking of English designers, however in the United States; the style was improved by the California architects Charles and Henry Greene and widely publicized in home magazines of the time. Between World War I and World War II Craftsmen Style Homes popped up by the thousands all over the United States and of course right here in the Madison, Wisconsin Area.  Mail order home plan books were sold to countless Americans who fell in love with the craftsmen style home!

What sets Craftsman Style homes apart?  Well they share similar characteristics of Bungalow and Prairie Style Homes with a little bit of influence from the Far East.  Craftsman homes in Middleton Wisconsin typically feature a low pitched roof with various intersecting gables. Quit often the front will include more than one gable end, with triangular knee braces lending interest. Extensive eaves with visible rafter tails are a hallmark of Craftsman style, along with hefty tapered piers that support the omnipresent front porch. While most Craftsman homes are constructed of wood, the piers may be crafted from brick or stone. Together with the low profile and the tapering piers, the use of natural materials gives the Craftsman home an organic feel. Inside, Craftsman floor plans have limited hallways, with rooms rolling one into another. An extremely high level of detail is considered to increase functionality in the space, with useful features such as built-in bookshelves, desks, benches and cabinetry.

5 Typical Characteristics Found in a Craftsman Style Home:

  • Low-pitched gabled roof with wide, unenclosed eave overhang
  • Roof rafters usually visible
  • Decorative beams or braces underneath gables
  • Porch support bases extending to ground level
  • Porch supports usually squared and sometimes slanting inward