Farm House Style Homes


Farm House Style Home?

With renewed popularity the Farmhouse Style Home has stood the test of time.  Rising popularity aside the home style has remained popular in and around Middleton.  Their understated characteristics enable them to blend into our communities with ease.  You will notice them by their most prominent characteristic a long porch that stretches along the front of the home and in some cases may wrap around to the side or rear, giving the home an outdoor living feel.  A steep pitched roof naturally runs along the length of the home and is occasionally accented by dormers or gables. Some Farmhouse style homes also offer horizontal siding and shutters.

Some common elements found in Farm House Style Homes:

  • White or light colored exterior
  • Simple rectangular floor plans, sometime T shaped
  • Side gable end roofs
  • Dormer windows
  • Welcoming, functional porches that sometimes stretch the length of the home
  • Dominant fireplaces
  • Few small windows
  • Formal rooms in front, separated by walls and doors from family rooms in back
  • Apron front sinks
  • Mixed cabinetry
  • Clawfoot bathtubs